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At Diaverum, we offer our patients consistently high standards of care in every one of our clinics worldwide. Our care model delivers superior medical outcomes, based on a highly standardised system of clinical governance and practice. We know the importance of truly empowering patients, and our empathetic culture ensures a holistic renal care experience, including our d.HOLIDAY programme. This enables patients who wish to travel to do so in full confidence that they can receive the same high quality care at all Diaverum clinics worldwide. Because everyone deserves a fulfilling life.

The centre provides dialysis in a comfortable facility, accommodating 12 dialysis stations. All stations are equipped with individual TV screens for patient entertainment during dialysis. We celebrate important dates including birthdays, weddings, seasonal and national events. For the convenience of our patients and their carers, we offer free patient Wi-Fi at our clinics as well as complimentary patient parking and accessible facilities.

Light refreshments are served during dialysis. However, you are free to bring your own snack.

The Forest of Dean Dialysis Centre is open Monday through Saturday from 6.30AM until 6PM, and closed on Sunday, Christmas and New Year Days.

Please be aware that the Dialysis Centre is a no-smoking facility. You are not permitted to smoke or use e-cigarettes on Diaverum facilities.

Nestled in the western reaches of England, the Forest of Dean captivates with its enchanting blend of natural beauty and rich history. This ancient woodland, spanning over 42 square miles, is a haven for wildlife and adventurers alike. The forest’s diverse ecosystem supports and array of flora and fauna, including elusive wild boar and majestic deer. Steeped in folklore and legend, the Forest of Dean holds secrets waiting to be discovered by those of wander its winding paths and delve into its depths, making it a timeless destination for explorers and nature enthusiasts.

A few facts about the Forest of Dean

• The Forest of Dean has a rich history of coal mining and ironworking, evident through remnants like mine shafts and colliery buildings.

• The Forest of Dean Sculpture Trail winds through the woodland, showcasing contemporary artworks by local and international artists.

• The forest's diverse habitats support rare species like the goshawk, lesser horseshoe bat, and pearl-bordered fritillary butterfly.

• The Forest of Dean has royal connections, with King Henry II hunting here in the 12th century and Queen Victoria visiting landmarks like the Speech House Hotel

• The anchor of the Titanic was made in the Black Country.

• Walsall is internationally famous for its leather trade. Walsall still manufactures the Queen's handbags, saddles for the Royal family and leather goods for the Prince of Wales.

• The Walsall Arboretum is a fabulous park with boating lake, café and acres of playing field.

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