Centre de Néphrologie et d'Hémodialyse Atlas Marrakech


15th Al Alaouyine street Gueliz
40000 Марракеш,

Картадан қарау



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Our entire team welcomes you to the Atlas Diaverum Nephrology and Haemodialysis centre in Marrakech. In a warm and pleasant atmosphere, our mission is to provide you with quality, revitalizing and individualized nephrological care that takes into account your physical and psychological needs.

The partnership between the Atlas Nephrologie and Hemodialysis Centre in Marrakech and Diaverum was signed in May 2024. Each dialysis room is adjoining with its own waiting room, with a bathroom, equipped with toilets for the disabled. The Atlas Hemodialysis Centre in Marrakesh, lined with gardens, is built on 3 levels, one reserved for technical facilities, and 2 floors of dialysis served by an elevator and a sick mount. The friendly atmosphere between all and the team spirit are part of our culture.

In our centre, everything has been designed and implemented with a view to providing beneficiaries with the highest quality and safety of care by meeting the highest international standards. The dialysis clinic is ideally located in the heart of Marrakesh, in a quiet and well-served area of Guéliz. A parking lot with a guard is near the clinic. The property is lined with lush gardens to make the setting of care as pleasant as possible and in harmony with nature.

With the project of a new center of excellence led by Doctor LISRI, we hope to further increase the care capacity and improve accessibility to care for all patients in the region of Marrakesh.

Visit Marrakesh

Marrakesh, the red city, is a place full of magic, with its countless markets, gardens, palaces and mosques. You can spend a day exploring the Medina and its secret courtyards and walking its winding streets. Then, discover the calm and serenity of the Majorelle Garden or admire all the splendour of one of the old mosques of the city.

Upon arrival in the city, the contrast of colors is obvious: the city, its pink walls in adobe, its walls covered with bougainvillea from which emerge bouquets of palm trees and greenery, grandiose décor against a background of snow-capped peaks of the High Atlas, under a bright sky of an intense blue that heralds the true nature of Marrakech. The city is a lush oasis, perpetually sunny, from which exudes the flowery scents of jasmine or orange blossom from the freshness of the gardens.

Inside the ramparts, in the zebra shade of the sun, in the teeming alleys of its medina, there is an intense activity, punctuated by calls, bursts of voices, bright colors, scents of cedar wood and spices. Sounds, colours and smells meet to compose an amazing symphony.

Marrakesh, mythical city, cultural capital, inspired by artists, fashions and events: Marrakech art galleries, festivals, exhibitions; Marrakech "people" with its celebrities, luxurious palaces and trendy nights; Marrakech tourist capital for more than a century, offers a clever balance between treasures of the past and the permanent energy of living cultures.

In a warm and pleasant atmosphere, our mission is to provide you with quality, revitalizing and individualized nephrological care that takes into account your physical and psychological needs.

The city of Marrakech, located near Fez in central Morocco, is a gateway to the first reliefs of the Atlas. This former imperial city is a choice stopover on a trip across the country, a city with an exceptional heritage but also slightly away from the sometimes annoying flows of mass tourism.

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Dr Mohamed LISRI

Medical Director

Head Nurse